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Let’s Talk About Electronic Document Storage

You are invited to meet with the Publicity Committee this coming Tuesday, November 19, from 6:30 to 8 pm, at the church to help us decide how Harbor UU will deal with storing (and sharing, and managing, etc.) the electronic documents that are so useful for modern communication. These include such documents as the church’s bylaws, the policy documentation we are currently developing, meeting minutes, photo archives—really, anything that it makes sense for the congregation to maintain ready access to.

In anticipation of our face-to-face dialogue this Tuesday, we’re taking the next few days to explore some of the pertinent issues. Please help us understand the congregation’s desires and needs by commenting below or sending an email to Your input will help us make decisions that serve our community well.

The first consideration we need to get a handle on is what this document storage system needs to do for us. Here are a few questions for you to consider:

  1. WHO all will contribute to this collection of documents?
  2. WHAT other kinds of documents might we expect to include? (There are a few listed above, but what have we left out?)
  3. HOW do we want to make use of these documents? (Use your memory of times when you have wished for access to something that would be included in this collection. Also, use your imagination to suggest new ways to use documents that support our congregation in its mission.)

Please share your thoughts below. And look forward to another post tomorrow continuing this discussion.