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Considering church membership?  While we appreciate our friends and visitors and invite them to take part in nearly every aspect of life at Harbor, we welcome you to consider membership.  To become a member at Harbor Unitarian Universalist Congregation is a simple process.

Members have the right to vote at the annual meeting and at any other congregational meetings, as well as the right to be elected to the Board of Trustees and chair any of our committees. Members must be at least 16 years old and sign our Book of Members before two witnesses. (Those 14 and 15 years old can become Associate Members.) We have several volunteer opportunities, which everyone is eligible for, including overseeing our various programs, such as Music & Worship, Religious Education and Social Action. Potential new members are invited to contact Membership / Caring Committee Chair, Sue McIntire

A note on Responsibility of Attendance and Membership:

Safe Congregation Policy Harbor Unitarian Universalist Congregation – adopted 10/16/2023

Statement of Commitment

We, the Board of Trustees of Harbor Unitarian Universalist Congregation, wholeheartedly commit to fostering a Safe Congregational Space that is unwaveringly free from harassment, abuse, and discrimination. Our primary aim is to ensure the safety, well-being, and dignity of all members, visitors, and staff.

 Code of Conduct

Acceptable behavior and interactions within our congregation are grounded in respect, inclusivity, and the nurturing of a vibrant community atmosphere. We affirm the values and principles espoused by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), and we warmly welcome all individuals who share a commitment to living in harmony with these principles.

Reporting Procedures

We recognize the importance of promptly addressing any incidents of harassment, abuse, or violations of this policy. We strongly encourage anyone who witnesses or experiences such behavior to report it to the Board of Directors. Timely reporting is encouraged, and we assure confidentiality and unwavering support for those who come forward.


Above all, we empower and support individuals who have experienced harassment, abuse, or policy violations to establish and assert personal boundaries that ensure their safety. This may include asserting their right to ask the perpetrator to cease, discontinuing any interactions on social media platforms, and making the choice to disengage from the individual involved. Furthermore, we encourage our members and guests to explore all available legal avenues for protection, which may include seeking Personal Protection Orders or other legal remedies.

Statement of Inclusion, Diversity, and Non-Discrimination

Inclusion, diversity, and non-discrimination are not only fundamental principles of our faith but also the cornerstone of this policy and our communal interactions. We affirm our commitment to embracing and celebrating the rich tapestry of humanity. We are resolute in our stance against discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ability, socioeconomic status, or any other characteristic. We pledge to create a community where every individual is valued and respected, and where their unique contributions enrich our shared experience.


By upholding these principles and values, we reaffirm our dedication to creating a sanctuary of safety, respect, and belonging for all who seek solace and spiritual growth within Harbor Unitarian Universalist Congregation. Together, we aspire to build a congregation where love, compassion, and justice flourish, and where every member can thrive in an environment of trust and support.