Many Beliefs, One Faith



Our Building Use Policy (adopted April 2019) allows for events of many types to be held at HUUC.  Click here for a copy of our Building Use Application and Fee Structure (adopted December 2019).

Harbor is a pleasant, intimate setting for your wedding. Our sanctuary seats 100 people in the traditional ambiance those of many faiths have come to appreciate.  Weddings can be arranged for opposite and same-sex couples (pending June 2015 Supreme Court Ruling).

If you want to have your wedding at Harbor, please contact church clerk Kim Burr via email at  or phone 231.755.2932 to see if our church and personnel are available on the date you are considering. We can open up our building to you 3 hours before your wedding and keep it open for two hours after.

If you are interested in having your wedding at Harbor, we are able to provide you with:

We look forward to helping to make your wedding as memorable as possible!